Friends, I have the best job (for me) in the world. I absolutely LOVE teaching kids, and it brings me greater fulfillment than almost anything else I’ve done in my life. Interestingly enough, a substantial amount of people feel the need to tell me how they could NEVER teach Elementary school, and how brave they think I am. My response? Lol. I get up excited every morning!

But in response to people who don’t understand why a person would ever want to be a teacher, I bring you The Starfish Story, which was introduced to me by my principal in 2nd grade.


That is why I teach. And why I wear starfish earrings sometimes.

One thought on “#WhyITeach”

  1. “people feel the need to tell me …” lol. #hatersgonnahate

    This is so awesome that you feel this way!

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