I know this is super belated, but I want to take this time to honor Alan Rickman, recently departed living embodiment of Severus Snape.

About 5 years ago, I joined a Facebook group called “We Demand an Oscar to Alan Rickman for His Role as Severus Snape” along with 32,319 other devoted fans. I still feel that he deserved a major award for portraying the character that J.K. Rowling created, rather than trying to divine who Snape might be on his own. HE READ THE BOOKS. THAT’S why he was soooo incredibly Snape-like: He actually knew Snape!

Before I move to a Colonel Brandon tribute (#literalIdealMan), I’ve chosen to take this time to expose my true feelings for book Snape.

As much as I love how beautifully true to the book Alan Rickman was, I have to be honest and confess that I really dislike Snape himself. I know he was technically “good”, like on the good side, but I still don’t like him. I appreciate the great sacrifices he had to make, and I guess it’s presh that Harry and Ginny named one of their kids after him, and I grant that he is incredibly brave… But I still don’t feel comfortable saying he was a “good” guy. I hesitate as a type this, but I come back to the fact that he was a hard-core bully. He was Neville’s boggart! That’s a big deal. If I were the boggart of one of my students, I’d know I’d failed as a teacher. He was also in love with a married woman. That’s kind of messed up. And tragic, I know. James was better for her.


Now quick Colonol Brandon shoutout:

There is nothing not to adore about this man. He is perfect in every way, and TBH I don’t know that MaryAnne deserved him.

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