An Ode to Spam

Last week was monumental in that I ate roughly 12 spam musubis over the course of the week. All I can say is YES. Every bite was a joy, and I’ve come to the realization that almost any food item can be improved by adding Spam. For example, I made pasta, but I didn’t have any cheese, so I put sauce and hot sauce and Spam, and it was as good as ever. Better, even.

So for your reading pleasure, I bring you AN ODE TO SPAM:

As my time in Hawaii comes to an end
I think of a new, yet consistent friend
that I made when I very first came to this land
And could only afford foods that are canned.


At Foodland, where nothing comes cheaper than 10
I stopped buying fruit and salad and THEN
I purchased some Spam, since locals professed
it made even simple meals some of the best.


I sliced it and fried it and added some rice
Spam musubis are really quite nice
to eat when you add nori in sheets
and Separated Parts of Assorted Meats.

I will sorely miss thee, oh dear Spam musubi.


This is the masterpiece Seeley and I concocted yesterday, after our $1 spam musubi plans were foiled. We didn’t have the strength to walk alllll the way back to Foodland, so we decided to make do with what we had, and ended up with my new favorite sandwich.


Not sure if your eyes might be deceiving you? I’ll tell you exactly what this delectable dish contains: Sharp cheddar cheese, Spam, and dill pickles. (For the record– I think sweet pickles are one of the most repulsive food items on this earth.) Grilled to perfection with just the right amount of butter. #win #usingourresources

Project Banana


As evidenced by my increasing number of blogs about the way I eat, my diet is of high concern to me right now. I don’t make time to eat. I rarely to never go grocery shopping. When I do eat, it’s often junk. Sooooo the quest for a dietary reformation continues to be under way.

I just wanted to fill you in on the latest from my current weapon of choice: the banana.


Many of you are aware that I hate bananas. Blairs aren’t picky eaters, and only crazy people hate, so there are very few foods in this world that I literally refuse to eat. Actually I don’t think there really are any. But as for foods that I would rather have shards of glass in my eyes than eat, I would list bananas, green peppers, and mushrooms. Punto.

Where am I going with this? It has come to my awareness that I need potassium. As a runner (currently a wannabe runner), I am well aware that bananas contain high levels of potassium. As a resident of Hawaii, I know that bananas are basically the only reasonably-priced produce item besides pineapples. Therefore I have decided to commence what I’d like to call PROJECT BANANA.

banana 2
As painful as it is, I have decided to start buying bananas, and eating one every day. So far it’s completely disgusting, but I’m doing it. I’ll let you know if my wildest dreams start coming true soon, because then we can for sure blame it on the banana that was missing all my life.


As many of you know, I resolved to change my eating habits this semester, specifically to remember to eat (and actually eat) 3 full meals every day, and choose healthier foods.

This resolution was actually inspired (and/ or forced upon me) by my mom and Melissa, but I’m really grateful I’ve been doing it, because I’ve noticed a huge change in the way I feel, and with the amount of energy I have.

This is of course linked to the extra 3 or so hours of sleep I’ve been getting, and with the running I’ve started getting into. The point is, I’ve been healthier this semester, and it started with food.

These are some of the quick, easy, healthy, low-budget recipes I’ve tried so far:

 Um, just kidding. This is the girl who has ruined Ramen, instant oatmeal, Campbell’s soup, pancakes, and pretty much everything else. Someday I will be able to cook, though. And I am getting better! But the purpose of this post was to recommend easy, healthy snacks that I’ve discovered. So here they are:

I like to put string cheese on my crackers, and eat them with grapes. I just bought a HUGE bag of string cheese from Costco, so I’m just trying to eat it all before I leave.
 I always eat a protein granola bar right when I get home from my run. They are great.

 Edamame is probably my favorite healthy snack of all time. And all you have to do is throw it in the microwave! You dont even have to worry about puncturing the easy open bag in the right way. So it’s impossible to ruin, which is necessary for me.

Carrots are so great. Who doesn’t love carrots?

Let it be known that I’ve greatly improved on my eating habits this semester. I may yet be a gourmet chef someday.

Recipe #1

I had this idea to occasionally blog about the food I make, since I don’t really make food. If all goes well, there will hopefully be more of these someday, because that means that I’m cooking a bit more. This potential series will cater to college students like unto myself, who may have small means with which to create the nutrients necessary to live that sort of life. 

Behold the first installment: my signature meal. My friends really like to tease me about my food tastes, but they just don’t try them, so they don’t know what they’re missing.

Are you searching for a simple, healthy, low-budget meal? Try the peanut butter and jelly and cheese sandwich! Sound weird?  Go ahead and try it, and send it back to me if you aren’t satisfied. I dare you. [The pictured brands are the best, in my humble opinion.]





No image available

Oh you know, just food

Remember how I wrote about the cleanse Madison and I did? Well, be prepared to be impressed: I consumed nothing by 100% juice for an entire 3 days. She went longer than me, but my parents’ concern, as well as my great desire to consume the expensive food of which I had been deprived for so long, as well as the tantalizing cereal bar my bishop gave me, pretty much forced me to return to the old meal plan. And by that, I mean cheese and peanut butter and strawberries. [You’d be amazed at the concoctions these three foods can produce. Strawberries were on sale at Foodland.]

This return to food brings me to what I think is one of the greatest ward traditions ever: Linger-Longers. I don’t know why the 1st ward never had these, but they are awesome. And if your Polynesian bishop has a Polynesian wife who makes very delicious food in very large quantities, then you are set for an entire day. And if your Polynesian bishop also comes to FHE, and brings good food to that, you have another meal or two provided.

So you’re a college student. So you have a slim budget. So you find yourself searching for any method of obtaining any source of nutrients to satisfy your natural cravings. These are methods that have been proven to provide/ conserve enough food to keep a student alive and well:

1. Go on a juice fast… (I didn’t have to buy groceries for a week!)
2. Linger-Longers (if you have morning church, this is enough for the whole day)
3. Fast Sundays (this makes your food supply last at least one day longer!)
4. FHE (depending on the assigned ward member, this could take the place of one of more meals)
5. Left-overs from Break-the-Fast (another amazing ward tradition that somehow got skipped over in the dear Oak Hills 1st ward)
6. Bread heels at the end of the day from the Seasider (This could apply to many other locations. Just find out where they give out free food at the end of the day. You’d be surprised.)
7. Watch for sales!
8. Certain types of home/visiting teachers pay dividends very nicely

The Cleanse

I want to be healthy. I want to honor my temple and take care of it. I want to be able to run marathons all my life.

But I want to eat what I want to eat!

Unfortunately, what I want to eat doesn’t necessarily coincide with my previously stated desires. I mean, it does on some levels. For example, I love Mexican food. And everyone knows that Mexican food is extremely healthy. I also love pretty much all fruits except bananas and blueberries and papaya. Pretty much. And the list of healthy foods goes on. *Please note the healthy cheese in this picture.

But then I also like other foods like ice cream and pie and pizza and pie and spam musubi and pie and nutella crepes and pie.

So I find myself in a predicament. In my 20 years, I have learned that the aspect of my life of which I have the least self-control is my eating habits. Food– really good food, that is– is on my top 3 list of Greatest Things On This Earth. And if you have a polynesian bishop, who happens to make excellent food for his ward on a regular basis, sometimes you just have to support your bishop and your ward and consume the delectable spread of deliciousness. You know what I’m saying?

What I’m trying to announce is that Madison and I are on a juice fast, and I am dying. That’s all. I’ve grown to love carrot juice. Coconut Water is pretty good, and V8 makes me sick.

Check back with me in a week, and we’ll see if I’m still breathing.

If Music Be the Food of Love

Blairs aren’t picky eaters.

Let me clarify this. Blairs are willing to give all food a chance, and enjoy foods of all types. Blairs like to eat new foods, and some of them have the gift of being able to get ideas for new recipes of their own from the new foods they try. (Not me.) Blairs know what is healthy and what is not, and know how make healthy food. Blairs try to eat that most often, but they eat what they are given, especially if someone made it for them. They are always polite about it.

More importantly, Blairs have a great appreciation for really well made food, and because of that, they are able to recognize food of lesser quality. Thus, if given the choice between high and low quality, they know which to choose and which will be the most enjoyable and nourishing.

Bottom line, Blairs love good food. I learned that from my mama a long time ago, and it remains true to this day. (Although I know a few picky Blairs…) But the real question is, what is good food?

I love gourmet. When we’re feeling really fancy, and have a special occasion, we’ll go down to The Cheesecake Factory or Haleiwa Eats, which are two nicer restaurants that are pricier than what we’d normally go for, but definitely worth it. However, Ted’s Bakery (a restaurant on the North Shore near Sunset Beach, which happens to be the home of the world-famous Ted’s pie. My absolute favorite food, incidentally) is a personal favorite, and it’s way more casual. Different style, different setting, different attractions. But of lesser quality? I don’t think so. Good food can be found anywhere, if the right ingredients and culinary knowledge of the chef are present.

Two of my greatest loves are food and music, and all that I just wrote about food can also apply to music. (In the same way that I can’t cook, I also can’t compose.)

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson just came out to Laie for a concert, and I’ve been looking forward to it for several months. However, the day before they came, a friend in my music history class asked our professor what he thought about them, leading to an hour lecture of his feelings, followed by another two hours in my next two classes with him. Needless to say, he’s not a fan.


I am in the sad position of declaring that I have the strong suspicion that there is some elitism in the Classical world in general, specifically with that particular professor, but almost certainly along with many other Classical musicians. I also have a feeling there is some subconscious (or conscious) jealousy in said world that their music isn’t received in the same way as that of other styles.

So the next question is, what is good music?

I’d say good music should be defined by the musicianship of the composer and performer(s), and can be found anywhere. Beginning with a good chord progression/ motivic idea/ melody line/ instrumental configuration, or any number of other good bases (“ingredients”) can lead to an exciting and wonderful (“good”, for the sake of our definition) piece of music.

To continue with my food analogy, I was talking with another one of my music professors, and he told me he thinks of music like a buffet. He loves prime rib, but eating prime rib alone every time he goes would be awful. He loves his potatoes (say, Jazz) salads (reggae) desserts (etc.) and all have a place in a very delicious meal. I agree. Music of every genre (minus a few, I suppose, which is obviously the case with food as well) has value and is worth consuming.

To conclude, good music can be defined in many ways, and is in no way limited to expertly-played Classical pieces. Consider the Beatles, Alan Menken, John Williams, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, U2… Actually I can’t continue. The list would be extremely lengthy. But the point is, there’s a reason Heavenly Father blessed so many different sorts of people with musical talent. Music is a language in itself, and different types speak to different people in different ways. (I don’t dig escargot, which is apparently of the highest level of gourmet. It’s just not for everybody!)

If music be the food of love, sing on. And keep the chocolate ice cream coming. And the steak and red pepper fajitas. And the spinach-artichoke pizza. And the maple doughnuts. And the sweet potatoes. And the pie. Just keep it all coming.

And as a report of The Piano Guys concert, it was fantastic. Piano and cello together is extremely cool, and they know how to put on a show. They seem like really good guys, and it was great to have them on the island. They made a video on Pounders Beach, which they debuted for us. All in all, it was just a fun night.

This is an article about them

California Rolls

I’m in the Seattle airport, and I have a 5 hour layover. As I was sitting and intently surveying the highly captivating scene of airplanes ascending and descending outside the window, this song just came to me. May I add that I have a strong dislike of the original.

Greetings loved ones,
Lets take a culinary journey!

I know a place,
Where the sushi is really better!
Warm, sweet and spicy,
There must be something in the recipe!

You could travel the world,
But nothin’ comes close,
To Sushi Sasabune*!
Once you there with u-us,
you’ll be fallin’ in love!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

California rolls, they’re unforgettable,
Cucumber, crab, sesame and vinegar on top!
So good they’ll melt in your mouth!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

California rolls, they’re undeniable,
Fine, fresh, fierce,
They got it on lock!
North Shore represent, now put your hands up!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

You could travel the world,
But nothin’ comes close,
To Sushi Sasabune*!
Once you there with u-us,
you’ll be fallin’ in love!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

Baked, Rolled, hot and ready,
Eat them up ’cause they’re gettin’ cold,
wild, wild, North Shore,
these are the rolls I love the most!
I mean the ones,
I mean like they’re the ones,
Smell them,
Taste them,
Gobble them up…

California! California Rolls.
California! California Rolls.

*Sushi Sasabune is a sushi restaurant on Oahu