A Valentine’s Day Post

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when it’s no longer Christmas or my birthday, but somehow it’s still bitter cold. The time of year when my students have lost their holiday energy and aren’t motivated to do anything. The time of year when everyone talks about love and marriage and how nice it all is.


I’m not complaining– I actually love being single. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t get married in this life, I’ll have a wide selection of really awesome men who died without marriage. A few of my options are:

1. Alvin Smith
Apparently Joseph says he’s the most attractive man he’s ever seen besides Adam and Seth.

2. One of the Sweetwater boys
So they died (unmarried) performing an incredibly selfless act of service. That’s the kind of boy I’d like to be with for eternity.

3. Abel
I mean, maybe he was married. Who knows.

4. Someone who died in war

5. Fred Weasley
So our kids would be half bloods, but we all know that blood status means nothing.

Just think of the high need of single women in Heaven! Way more men than women have died in war over the course of the history of the world, so it’s got to measure out somehow. Just saying.

One thought on “A Valentine’s Day Post”

  1. This KILLS me!!! hahahahaha. Fantastic post, Lind! I’m excited for how awesome your husband is going to be.

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