Weidman and Weidman 2016


I had the huge blessing to go back to my mission on Friday and Saturday of this week to see the sealing of a family I taught. #somuchjoy #somuchlove While there, I was able to visit my incredible mission president, President Weidman, and his amazing wife, Sister Weidman.

They are fantastic leaders. They are responsible. They are committed. They are humble, charitable, and diligent. They are friends to people of all nations. They’ve lived abroad and speak many languages. They are masters of money management. He’s managed several large companies. They know how to work together in harmony. They seek counsel from others.

I’m voting for them. I invite you consider them. #Weidman2016

I Wasn’t Always Like This: a reflection on change

Mosh pits. Loud music. Minimal clothing. Late hours. Poor lighting. Suggestive dancing.

These are the elements of the Halloween party I was forced to attend last night, as the pianist for a good friend who had been asked to sing. Of course I was happy to help him, even if it meant I didn’t get my weekly Sherlock fix, because friends.

I walked down about 50 stone steps into the back yard of some boys in our ward and saw the mosh pit. I also heard excessively loud drumming and felt the temperature rise about 15 degrees as I neared the humans. I immediately felt uncomfortable.

After what felt like 4 hours of torture, where I was on the brink of tears and experiencing my own personal Hell, Mike decided not to sing the songs I played with him. Eagerly my girlfriends and I took off. As we were leaving, my friend Tori turned to me and said, “You know, I didn’t used to be this lame.”

This gave me pause, because a) I don’t think it’s lame to leave a party where the Spirit can’t be, and b) Shoots, I didn’t used to be like this either.

Did I attend wild parties before my mission? No. Did I enjoy low-qual music? Heck no. But before my mission, I could handle the big groups and loud music and late nights. Before my mission, I could also handle going places by myself, sleeping past 8, going to bed after 11, and not ever making plans. Before my mission, I was a different girl.

I can honestly say that I was my #1 convert. I already had a burning testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, but it sure did get stronger every time I shared it. I already knew the Gospel blesses families, but I know it even better now that I’ve seen it bring families together. I already knew that God loves all His children, but I felt His love for them more powerfully than I ever had before or since.

So although it may seem lame that I don’t like big parties anymore, I’m going to resist that. I’m going to embrace the changes I experienced on my mission, such as delighting in setting goals and making plans, and continue to progress.

I don’t think God wants me to be like I used to be.

I Love LA


I spoke in church today about the joy of missionary work, and it made me miss the mission like CRAZY! Obviously I know I can continue to be a missionary now, so I’m not grieving for that part. I’m talking about the big city of LA that I left.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’ll offer up some non-sentimental nostalgia.

Probs the best fast food chain ever.

This place is MASSIVE.

We tried to hike this for a zone P-day activity once, and it was closed. #fail

Yeah. My time here make up two of the weirdest days of my mission.

Doughnut shop in our area. Cash only. When I was training, we’d go there every day once we’d met our daily contacting goal. #meaningfulconversations #streetchange

Los Doyers. In my area.

Elder Scott Memorial

In the spirit of #ldsconf (#best4daysoftheyear #theChurchistrue #IloveConference) I’d like to take a moment to commemorate my late favorite Apostle, Elder Richard G. Scott.

As many of you know, the MTC can be a discouraging place on occasion. I absolutely loved most of my time in that sacred building, but Hna. Warner and I were pretty discouraged on our last day there, after being deserted by all the other members of our district. They’d left for Mexico City and Washington, DC, and we were ALL BY OURSELVES. #lonely Tears were shed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as we imagined Elder Erikson pouring copious amounts of tabasco sauce on his biscuits and gravy, remembered Elder Dommer trying to make Spanish jokes, and recalled how Sisters would always congregate around Elder Needham for no apparent reason…

It had been our longest day yet (which is saying something), but the weekly Tuesday devotional was a highlight we always anxiously anticipated, and this night was no different. I confess we’d prayed several times that day for an Apostle to come that night. Hna. Warner and I walked a little quicker to the huge room where devotionals are held than we’d walked all day, and easily found two empty seats together.

Something was different. There were big signs that said “No Photography Permitted” and an uncharacteristic teleprompter was positioned at the front. “Someone importante?” we speculated. We tried to obediently sit in silence, but it proved difficult as we prepared our precious notebooks for our final MTC devotional.

Finally the moment arrived. Following the example of our MTC president, the entire audience of missionaries rose and stood on tip toe to catch a first glimpse of our special visitor. I’m happy to report that our prayers were answered; Elder Scott was escorted it, and an audible gasp welcomed him.

I don’t remember everything he said, but I do remember weeping with Hna. Warner when he gave an Apostolic blessing of the gift of tongues to those missionaries learning a language. He also counseled us to pray vocally, which counsel I took and saw huge blessings on my mission because of it.

I love Elder Scott, and I know he represented the Savior as he spoke to us that night. I miss him, but I know he’s with his dear wife Jeneane now. #bestlovestoryever #lifegoals

Do What You Love


I had a major realization today: somehow, in the last month or so, I acquired a ton of confidence.


That’s kind of weird, because I’m pretty sure I asked the Lord for confidence about ten thousand times on my mission, and I’m pretty sure if you read my journals from my Sophomore and Junior years of college, you would never label me as confident. I was a Music major, struggling to compete with all the other Asians #realstereotypes and let’s just say it was rough on me. We’ve all been there.


Anyway, on my mission, I really worked on the whole positive self-talk and talking back to negative thinking thing. For most of my mission it was a battle. The critical voices in my head just wouldn’t shut up.


Yesterday I went to the temple, and I became aware of new voices in my head. They were kind, loving, and positive. They were the way I try to talk to others, but somehow never really get around to using for myself. They made me happy!


Is it because I suddenly started getting asked out all the time? Heck no. I haven’t been on a date in months. Is it because I lost a ton of weight and started getting compliments? Haha nope. I don’t even have time to work out anymore. I think it’s because I absolutely love what I’m doing.

girl happy

I loved my mission with all my heart. I loved being Hermana Blair, an official representative of Jesus Christ and full-time servant of the Lord. But now I love being Miss Blair, a civilian representative of Jesus Christ and third-grade teacher. These kids need me, and I LOVE MY JOB.


I think that’s the secret. I’m doing what I love. I loved sharing the Gospel, but that was a different season of my life, and the Lord had other lessons for me to learn. His timing is perfect.

Comp Inventory

Everyone knows that a secret to relationship success is effective and regular communication.


Missionaries learn to have good communication in companionships, and they practice by having a weekly companionship inventory. It’s their opportunity to share goals, ask for help with the goals, talk about each other’s strengths, and then address anything that could be keeping the companionship from working in unity or being obedient, and resolve conflicts. Brilliant, inspired invention.


In my current companion-less state, it’s been nearly a year (#hijole) since my last comp inventory, and I have to admit that I miss it! So I was pondering on that, and I realized that my companion right now is Heavenly Father. So… I decided to have a comp inventory with Him. It was awesome. So much so that I want to share the process and invite you to try it!

Here’s how to conduct a comp inventory with the Lord:
1. Share with Him your goals, and ask for His help to accomplish them.
2. Discuss the strength of your relationship.
3. Discuss any challenges that may be keeping you from being obedient.
4. Share what you think your strengths are.
5. Ask for suggestions on how you can improve.
6. Set goals that will improve your relationship.

Will you do it? I know that if you do, your loving Heavenly Father will bless you with personal revelation and help you come closer to Him.

Six Months Later…

hollywood sign
One of the greatest joys of missionary life is getting mail. In my mission, all mail was sent to the mission office, and then given to the zone leaders, who passed it out in exchange for a completed car report after District Meeting every Friday. Needless to say, we all looked forward to District Meeting for that single reason.

I want to pause right here for a second, and give a big shout out and thank you to those who sent me mail on my mission. My mom definitely wins for most letters and packages. GRACIAS.

I had a throwback Friday moment yesterday, when I GOT A LETTER IN THE MAIL, addressed in my own handwriting, with a return address from the California Los Angeles Mission. #bestdadysofar #literaldejavu

It was the post-mission plan I created in the last week of my full-time service, outlining what I wanted to be able to say I’d done as a returned missionary, what I wanted to have become, and what differences I wanted others to notice in me six months after returning home.

I’m not writing this to brag, but I just wanted to say that I’m really happy to announce that I met my goals! I continued to have really good scripture study every day, I went to the temple every week, I did well in all my classes, and I strengthened my ward. And yesterday, I WENT OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!!!!! #MemberPresent I hope I’ve become more loving, thoughtful, and aware of others, more sensitive to the Spirit, healthier, and more clam/ relaxed. And I hope others notice that I’m better at accepting other ideas and opinions.

In summary, coming home from the mission is really hard. The mission is the Garden of Eden, and going back to the lone and dreary world is rough. But by continuing to set goals and make plans that bring us closer to the Savior, we can still be in His presence. I know that to be true, because I’ve seen it over these last six months. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about my amazing time in LA or the incredible people I met, but I know the Lord needs me where I am now. He loves all of us beyond belief, and only desires our happiness. I know that.

Accion de Gracias

I’ve never had more to be thankful for than I do this year. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the greatest mission in the world. I’ve decided to include a picture of Elvis and Cynthia and their family, because they are just some of the most special people I met on my mission. I’m thankful for them and the experiences we shared. I’m thankful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the huge blessing I had to dedicate 18 months of my life to its proclamation. It is true. I know it with all my heart. God’s plan for His children has been revealed! We have a prophet on the earth! I am so thankful for that knowledge.

The Power of Everyday Missionaries


So back in the day, I used to have a book review section of my blog. So it’s back! And the book is “The Power of Everyday Missionaries” by Clayton M. Christensen. It was the first book I read after my mission, and it totally changed my life.

Do you want to be a member missionary? Do you want to live your baptismal covenant? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then this is the book for you. I invite you to read it asap. I know that if you do, you will have the tools to more comfortably and naturally be obedient by sharing our message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He regresado

I’m back! I just had the most thrilling, joyful, stressful, difficult, amazing, emotional, educational, spiritual, exhausting, incredible 18 months of my life. I LOVE the Lord. I love LA.

For my first post since my return, I’m just going to enclose a few pictures of some really special people. I have plans for future blog posts, some of which I might even do this week.


Armando's baptism

Hector's baptism


Elvis and Cynthia:
Elvis and Cynthia

There are way more people I want to pay tribute to, but I haven’t sorted through all my pictures. I really might blog later this week if possible.

Have a great week!