Comp Inventory

Everyone knows that a secret to relationship success is effective and regular communication.


Missionaries learn to have good communication in companionships, and they practice by having a weekly companionship inventory. It’s their opportunity to share goals, ask for help with the goals, talk about each other’s strengths, and then address anything that could be keeping the companionship from working in unity or being obedient, and resolve conflicts. Brilliant, inspired invention.


In my current companion-less state, it’s been nearly a year (#hijole) since my last comp inventory, and I have to admit that I miss it! So I was pondering on that, and I realized that my companion right now is Heavenly Father. So… I decided to have a comp inventory with Him. It was awesome. So much so that I want to share the process and invite you to try it!

Here’s how to conduct a comp inventory with the Lord:
1. Share with Him your goals, and ask for His help to accomplish them.
2. Discuss the strength of your relationship.
3. Discuss any challenges that may be keeping you from being obedient.
4. Share what you think your strengths are.
5. Ask for suggestions on how you can improve.
6. Set goals that will improve your relationship.

Will you do it? I know that if you do, your loving Heavenly Father will bless you with personal revelation and help you come closer to Him.