Okay. Sometimes kids just say the darndest things! Since beginning my student teaching, I’ve found myself struggling not to laugh on multiple occasions, and sometimes inadvertently bursting out in laughter. Here are a few prime quotes.

“A tongue twister is a lot of rhymes that make your tongue go numb when you say them.”

“Green Eggs and Ham is by Dr. Suess. Obviously.” (in his writing journal)

“Miss Blair, are you wearing white shorts under your skirt?” #windydays

“I have a talent of doing a handstand for ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes???”
“I meant ten seconds.” #commonmixup

“I like that song because it makes me think of Jesus!” #presh

“I believe in cash.”

“I believe one day I will be the richest man in America.”
“Oh yeah? How will you do that?”
“I’m going to mine really hard all the time.”
“What will you mine?”
“Gold, of course.”


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