Soy Cansada

Here’s a little spanish lesson. If you want to say “I’m tired”, then you say “Estoy cansada”. If you want to say “I am an innately tired person” you say “Soy cansada”. I am an innately tired person. My dear mother has been telling me literally all of my life to go to bed early. Did I listen? Of course not. Did I obey? Heck no. Did I ever get enough sleep? No ma’am. I fear this lifestyle I’ve developed over the years has finally come back to gobble me up and throw me into the Pit of Despair. I can hardly try to escape. If I were to give one piece of advice to kids going to school, it would be my mom’s constitution: SLEEP! Sleep as if your life depended on it. Because guess what? It does! And not only does it keep you alive, it improves your immune system, allows for chemicals such as dopamine and seratonin to more easily enter the pituitary gland, thus enabling you to think clearer, run faster, be happier, be more sensitive to the spirit, have more effective scripture study, avoid seizures (I’m not kidding), and so much more. Sleep deprivation has been a form of torture for centuries. And what do you know? I’ve been torturing my self all this time just as victims of the Holocaust were. Of my very own will and choice. Luckily enough for me, I’m heading off to a very relaxing atmosphere were none of my classes start before 9:40. Why I took Early Morning seminary I’ll never know. But I just really don’t recommend running on 5-6 hours of sleep for 4 years. Rest is good for the blood. (That’s from the Halloween Bugs Bunny.)

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  1. Amber, I don’t know if I would recognize you if you got enough sleep. You would probably be a different person. You’ll just have prepare yourself for the shock of getting enough sleep and relaxation in the aloha culture!

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