Natural Disasters… they happen

The earthquake hits Canada, and the tsunami warning sirens begin to ring on Oahu and the Big Island soon thereafter.

The raging waves up the coast of Haeiwa on Oahu, and the warning of the major expected hit at 10:28 that night had us all fleeing to higher ground in terror, with thoughts of death and our precious electronic devices on our minds. We stayed up all night, huddled together, hoping for the best, fearing the worst.

Nothing happened. The highest the waves got was 2.5 feet, as opposed to the expected 6-foot waves. And that huddling on higher ground? My friend Julie and I opted out of racing to the temple, which is where we were all advised to go, and instead went to the practice rooms above the auditorium (a second-story, so a perfectly fine and safe location) so that we could practice and study for orchestration. (Yes, that is what music majors do.) And the only ones that were really scared were the inexperienced freshmen and that one other type of person. You know.

I have now survived 3 very anti-climactic natural disasters. Here’s a little taste of how it is for us students:

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