Mother, I Love You

An alphabetic list of actions of my incredible, Christlike mom.

A- Attended every race, track meet, and concert.
B- Believed in her girls and supported us in everything.
C- Cooked healthy, delicious food and after school snacks.
D- Drove me everywhere when I couldn’t get my license.
E- Entertained my friends, even when I wasn’t there.
F- Focused on the Savior.
G- Gave her ENTIRE life to us kids.
H- Helped in my classes.
I- Invited EVERYONE into her home as a welcome guest.
J- Joyfully served.
K- Kindly corrected us.
L- Listened when I needed to talk.
M- Married my daddy when they were younger than I am now.
N- Never compromised her values.
O- Obediently followed Christ.
P- Practiced Piano with me for years.
Q- Quietly set an amazing example.
R- Read out loud to us, and read the scriptures every day.
S- Stayed with me at the hospital during my entire recovery.
T- Taught me to love the Lord.
U- Understood the true meaning of discipleship.
V- Valued the opinion of God more than man’s.
W- Wrote me every week of my mission.
X- eXamined her role as a woman in God’s plan.
Y- Yearned for our well-being.
Z- Zeroed in on the most important things.

I love my mama! She is one of the most loving, Christlike people I know, and I aspire to be like her someday. Maybe after the resurrection.

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