This is another Mommy Blog post. (Last advertised was Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.) If I was a mom and I was writing about how amazingly intelligent and musical my children were, and how yours too could be the same, I would credit it to this great program that I’d put them through.

We’re doing method reports for my piano pedagogy class, and I’m doing mine on Kindermusik. Oh my word. Genius! I love every bit of it.

This is what they say at the top of their website: “Kindermusik® is about kids, parents, and teachers—coming together and having a great time! It’s about helping you grow closer to your child. Enriching her environment and her development. Giving him a lifelong love of music and a foundation for learning.” Sounds pretty good to me.

This is cool: Psychologists, neuroscientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more for children than bring them joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence, including the kinds that the right hippocampus assists in. Kindermusik’s curriculum is built on that research.

That’s awesome.

Want to know more? Go here to read all about it and SIGN UP TODAY!

Then you’ll have kids just like mine. (Patient, loving, musical, of good report, praiseworthy, obedient, popular, and beautiful.)