I have to tell someone!

I just made one of the most responsible decisions of my life. (IRONY ALERT!! IRONY ALERT!!!) Anyway…

Okay. It’s Finals week. I have 2 finals tomorrow. So much work to do! Bre and Mari and Nicole want to go see Tangled tonight. I’ve been wanting to see that since it came out! But I have to study! But it’s Nicole’s last night! Well, I also need to take my laundry out in 20 minutes, so it would just sit if I left. But Tangled isn’t that long. It costs money. But I have a job. And it’s only $6. But I can see it when I go home. But I want to see it now with Nicole and Bre and Mari! But I’ll be spending all night with them. Oh yeah, and it’s also Denzil’s senior recital tonight. But I so don’t have time for that! I’ve been planning on going to it all semester. But I have 2 finals tomorrow! Well, they aren’t until the afternoon.

But I also have to pack (I only have one thing left. haha) and pick up a few Christmas presents from the PCC and turn in my elementary time sheet that was already due and give chocolates to the girls I visit teach and tell my supervisor that I was accidentally clocked in for an extra 2 hours and eat and say goodbye to the people that I won’t ever see again and make some cards for some of my teachers and write a composition and take those finals and conference with Brother Marler and go to the beach (I wish) and go on facebook (heh heh) and watch Pushing Daisies (ummm) and clean my room and breathe. AHHHHHH!

Guess what I decided? You are right! I chose to stay in Bre’s and Mari’s room all by myself and work diligently (pausing only occasionally for very brief moments to record news-breaking events) while they partied and saw a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time. I’m not spending a few hours of Nicole’s last night with her. But I darn well better do well on those finals! And hopefully I’ll get everything else done tomorrow too. And then it’s all over!

2 thoughts on “I have to tell someone!”

  1. I cannot believe that you made such a ridiculously responsible decision! But I’m happy because 1) you probably would have died otherwise and 2) I can still see tangled with you 🙂

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