Fall Semester Quotes

Well, this is the first quote sheet I’ve ever kept, so it’s not as comprehensive as those of more seasoned quote sheet-keepers. But Dr. Bradshaw (my theory teacher) was too funny to not record on occasion, and that would be why a large portion of my quotes are from him. I know other funny things were said, and maybe I’ll be better at this in the future.

“I’m here for feedback.” “I have to sneeze!” “I guess you’re allergic to feedback.” -Dr. Bradshaw and Aria

“Repentance is awesome. I believe in repentance.” -Dan [this was in a funny context]

“I was being blonde.” “Sorry, that’s not listed on the American Disabilities Act.” -Hilary and Dr. Bradshaw

“That’s weird.” “It’s weird that I”m not gonna marry a missionary that helped me build my house?” -Dan and Aria

“I’ve put you in a cage. You can go play on the swing over there, or play on the monkey bars, but I won’t let you go outside the cage.” “I put streamers on my cage!” -Dr. Bradshaw and Lauryn

“I got a Kam Buck. He gives out money with his face on it.”-Lauryn

“I’m a sucker for Latin.” -Jonah

“I smelled weed once. It smelled pretty bad.” “WHAT? You smoked weed???” -Lauryn and Amber

“Okay, how can we near-fatally injure Lauryn without actually killing her?” -Amber and Madison [it’s not what you think. Lauryn was totally in on it, and it was for her own good.]

“[Psych] is totally as clean as clean. It’s as clean as if it was just starched with cleaning soap. It’s that clean.” -Amber

“Lauryn, since it’s your birthday, we’ll use your credit card.” -Amber [It wasn’t even her birthday.]

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty and witty and gay!” “Is it okay to say gay?” “Yeah, as long as you don’t say pretty and witty and homosexual.” “I prefer to say pretty and witty and wide.” “That’s okay as long as you don’t say pretty and witty and obese.” -Jonah was involved. I don’t remember other details

“I wanna cruise the castle! I mean cast the curse.” -Madison

“She shared her grapes, and I shared my pencil, and then we were best friends.” -Aria

“Ever since the Taco Bell incident, Madison’s been strangely attracted to President Wheelwright.” -Amber

“Thou shalt not covet Jenna’s unnamed boyfriend.” -Addison or Madison

“Who’s the last person you’d ever expect to have a boyfriend?” “Amber.” -Madison and Addison

“Prince Charming is a compilation of every good trait we’ve ever admired in a man.” -Amber

“I delete facebook friends and phone contacts on a daily basis.”-Madison

“Madison, if I ever need anything illegal done, you’re my girl.” -Amber

“Lind, I just want to talk to him. And whenever I’m with him I want to talk. And whenever I’m not with him, I want to be with him, talking.” -Lug [Presh!]

“If I was a celebrity I would be a stalker. I’d want to see who was following me on Twitter.” -Amber

“I’m so bored with the sacrament.” [this was highly sarcastic]

“Wait, Lindsey Lohan ran the Honolulu marathon???” -Amber [Did you hear about how she was in Laie?]

“We should watch a movie today.” “That would be dishonest of me. I would be cheating you of your education.” “I love being cheated of my education!” -Amber and Dr. Bradshaw

“iii is kind of a weirdo.” “It’s friends with the Major-Major 4/2!” -Dr. Bradshaw and Lauryn

“Yes! Secondary Dominant! Christmas!” -Lauryn

“Caroline, you went to the ball? Who did you go with?” “Myself. I mean the Holy Ghost.” -Amber and Caroline

“I can’t believe you’re ruining Jonah’s first Pocahontas experience. You’re a terrible friend.” -Madison

“You know what’s intense? Camping.” -Lauryn [Think about that one.]

“I bought my dad an Aloha shirt and he took it to DI.” “WHAT? You tell Mr. Blair that there is a whole class of disappointed theory students.” -Amber and Dr. Bradshaw

“What the garbage?!” -Lauryn

“Pearl Harbor Day. 40 years now.” -Amber [oh boy]

“If you gave us a sight-singing song in alto clef, I would probably cry.” “I’m always looking to make people cry.” -Amber and Dr. Bradshaw

“You know Bridezilla? This girl was like Missionary Girlfriend-zilla.” -Aria

“Revel in the roundness of 6/4 time.” -Dr. Bradshaw

“Do you guys need to step outside? You’re welcome to if you need to resolve differences [about where you’re going on your missions].” -Dr. Bradshaw to Amber and Lauryn

“My dad was actually killed by a clown who was conducting in 6/4 time.” -Dr. Bradshaw. [Okay. This is king of all quotes I have ever written down. Holy cow. I have literally never heard anything more absurdly random in my life. I asked Dr. Bradshaw if writing in 6/4 time ran in the family, since I thought his dad had, and we were doing 6/4 rhythms. And then he said that. We nearly died.]

“Where do you go while you’re singing?” “I like to pretend I’m in a big field. And you’re all pumpkins.” -Sis. Mooy and Amber C.

“That minor i is a hard pill to swallow in its quite pain. But swallow we must.” -Dr. Bradshaw

“Rests separate the sheep from the goats rhythmically.” -Dr. Bradshaw [this is a thinker quote]

“Arthur and the Bearenstein Bears are dumb now. They were cool when we were little and now they’re dumb.” -Lug [she was being serious]

“When I belt, I feel so good!” -Mari

“Too bad Ellis and Helen broke up.” “Yeah, but I’m over it. It was a long time ago.” -Amber and L or L (who said it?)

“You’ve never googled watch anything online free?” “I did with Arthur and The Bearenstein Bears.” -Amber and Lug

“You can’t stop the beat.” -Ice

“I believe in 6/8 time.” -Dan

“What did you play?” “Piano.” “No, on the football team.” -Hillary and Dr. Bradshaw

“Say 8! Say 8! Lauryn, do you know what I’m quoting?” “Phantom.” “No! Brian Reagan!” -Amber and Lauryn

“You are so cool Ice.” “I know.” -Amber and Ice

“We’re totally social! … Just with each other.” -Madison

“I’m so excited to be pregnant!” -Lauren

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