Exciting Announcement!

Aloha, friends! Today I just wanted to share one really exciting piece of news from this week:

I PASSED THE TEST REQUIRED TO START MY STUDENT TEACHING!!!!! It was a beastly 4-hour, $150 exam called the Praxis 2, and the majority of students that took it last semester failed it the first time. So… you can imagine where my expectations were. I was positive I failed at least the Social Studies section (no, I have no idea what the topic of the 1960s novel Silent Spring was), but I didn’t! Yay!


So now I’m one step closer to becoming an actual teacher! #almostanadult



2 thoughts on “Exciting Announcement!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is amazing! I can’t believe you didn’t even mention this đŸ™‚

  2. Oh dear, we didn’t cover Silent Spring in any of our musings together about your biology classes? I’ve failed as a mentor.

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