Elder Scott Memorial

In the spirit of #ldsconf (#best4daysoftheyear #theChurchistrue #IloveConference) I’d like to take a moment to commemorate my late favorite Apostle, Elder Richard G. Scott.

As many of you know, the MTC can be a discouraging place on occasion. I absolutely loved most of my time in that sacred building, but Hna. Warner and I were pretty discouraged on our last day there, after being deserted by all the other members of our district. They’d left for Mexico City and Washington, DC, and we were ALL BY OURSELVES. #lonely Tears were shed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as we imagined Elder Erikson pouring copious amounts of tabasco sauce on his biscuits and gravy, remembered Elder Dommer trying to make Spanish jokes, and recalled how Sisters would always congregate around Elder Needham for no apparent reason…

It had been our longest day yet (which is saying something), but the weekly Tuesday devotional was a highlight we always anxiously anticipated, and this night was no different. I confess we’d prayed several times that day for an Apostle to come that night. Hna. Warner and I walked a little quicker to the huge room where devotionals are held than we’d walked all day, and easily found two empty seats together.

Something was different. There were big signs that said “No Photography Permitted” and an uncharacteristic teleprompter was positioned at the front. “Someone importante?” we speculated. We tried to obediently sit in silence, but it proved difficult as we prepared our precious notebooks for our final MTC devotional.

Finally the moment arrived. Following the example of our MTC president, the entire audience of missionaries rose and stood on tip toe to catch a first glimpse of our special visitor. I’m happy to report that our prayers were answered; Elder Scott was escorted it, and an audible gasp welcomed him.

I don’t remember everything he said, but I do remember weeping with Hna. Warner when he gave an Apostolic blessing of the gift of tongues to those missionaries learning a language. He also counseled us to pray vocally, which counsel I took and saw huge blessings on my mission because of it.

I love Elder Scott, and I know he represented the Savior as he spoke to us that night. I miss him, but I know he’s with his dear wife Jeneane now. #bestlovestoryever #lifegoals

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