Fall Break

Last week was Fall Break for the Hawaii public school system (#sorrynotsorry everyone else), so I had an entire week to rest and recharge. #necessary #tendermercy

As I ponder on what I did for my “vacation” here in Hawaii, I realized how different it is as a resident, as opposed to a tourist. If I lived on the Mainland, and I had a week-long dream vacation in Hawaii, I would’ve hit up as many beaches as possible, probably gone snorkeling, done some good hikes, graced PCC with my presence, and eaten lots of ono food.

That would’ve been fun. Unfortunately, as a Hawaii resident, I naturally take my vacation-destination location for granted, and I did none of those things. How did I spend my break, you ask? The following:

1. I slept in every day. #heaven
2. I wrote ten pages of my Senior research paper. #success
3. I made serious progress on my portfolio.
4. I went to the temple several times. #bestplaceinhawaii
5. I watched plenty of Gilmore Girls episodes with Seeley. #roommatebonding #teamLuke #teamJess #oywiththepoodlesalready #whereyouleadIwillfollow #StarsHollow
6. I graded. A ton. #teacherlife

Umm that’s about it. It was delightfully relaxing, and I must say I’m almost ready to go back.

Quick thought: what do you take for granted? Are you living beneath your means? (#PresUchtdorf #MormonMessages) Are you skipping out on Paradise, and trading it for sleep? Chew on those.

2 thoughts on “Fall Break”

  1. Sounds awesome, Lind! Way to have a great break. Wish I had been there to spend it with you! I like your parting thought, too. I think I sure do take things for granted. #neverbeentothegreatlakes

  2. First off, your hashtag game is oh so strong. Second off, I would totally have done the same things in your shoes. It’s good to not take things for granted, but it’s also good to not run faster than you have strength.

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