Oh you know, just food

Remember how I wrote about the cleanse Madison and I did? Well, be prepared to be impressed: I consumed nothing by 100% juice for an entire 3 days. She went longer than me, but my parents’ concern, as well as my great desire to consume the expensive food of which I had been deprived for so long, as well as the tantalizing cereal bar my bishop gave me, pretty much forced me to return to the old meal plan. And by that, I mean cheese and peanut butter and strawberries. [You’d be amazed at the concoctions these three foods can produce. Strawberries were on sale at Foodland.]

This return to food brings me to what I think is one of the greatest ward traditions ever: Linger-Longers. I don’t know why the 1st ward never had these, but they are awesome. And if your Polynesian bishop has a Polynesian wife who makes very delicious food in very large quantities, then you are set for an entire day. And if your Polynesian bishop also comes to FHE, and brings good food to that, you have another meal or two provided.

So you’re a college student. So you have a slim budget. So you find yourself searching for any method of obtaining any source of nutrients to satisfy your natural cravings. These are methods that have been proven to provide/ conserve enough food to keep a student alive and well:

1. Go on a juice fast… (I didn’t have to buy groceries for a week!)
2. Linger-Longers (if you have morning church, this is enough for the whole day)
3. Fast Sundays (this makes your food supply last at least one day longer!)
4. FHE (depending on the assigned ward member, this could take the place of one of more meals)
5. Left-overs from Break-the-Fast (another amazing ward tradition that somehow got skipped over in the dear Oak Hills 1st ward)
6. Bread heels at the end of the day from the Seasider (This could apply to many other locations. Just find out where they give out free food at the end of the day. You’d be surprised.)
7. Watch for sales!
8. Certain types of home/visiting teachers pay dividends very nicely

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  1. Juice fasting wasn’t quite what Sis. Chris and I had in mind when we talked about money management. Although big points for being thoughtful and resourceful!!

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