Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

If your husband sends you flowers at work, but you don’t tweet about it, did it really happen?

If you complete a triathlon, but don’t post photos on Instagram, did it really happen?

If you get married, but don’t put your wedding video on Facebook, did it really happen?

For the last few months I’ve been essentially off social media. You could say I’m a recovering addict. But tbh I have no desire to go back. I realized several months ago that I had a problem, because I found myself on one of the medias pretty much anytime I can any sort of free time (e.g. standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for a student to come to his or her piano lesson, laying in bed late at night after writing in my journal).

So I decided to ease my way off by deleting the apps. I could still access them via Safari or Chrome on my phone, but I’d have to login each time. That was mildly effective, but I still went on to Facebook once a day.

I did post our engagments and bridals. That was fun.

But then we got married and went on our honeymoon. We were so busy being in love and not being *that* couple that posts photos of their honeymoon that we didn’t even touch any of the social medias during the whole trip. It was amazing.

So then I was like, “Why go back?”

Then Pres. Nelson invited all the sisters in the Church to go on a 10-day fast from social media, and I was like, “Yes, Sirrrr!!” And I still haven’t gone back.

I’ve since done all the stuff I mentioned at the beginning of this.

The only people that know about our cute couple’s Halloween costume are our parents and brothers and sisters. But that doesn’t make it any less cute. Those are also the only people that know about the St. George triathlon we just completed. But that doesn’t make us any less strong or cool or dedicated. Even less people have seen our wedding video, but that doesn’t make us any less happy or in love. I don’t need likes, and the world doesn’t get to know every detail of my life.

I guess that got a little aggressive, but I’m just trying to say that I really appreciate being able to authentically live my life without needing to tell everyone about it. I spent several miles of my first marathon trying to come up with the perfect caption after I finished my race. Now I don’t remember what the caption was.

I’ve found it easier to live in the moment and not be concerned about the opinions of others if I don’t rely on social media. I’m not saying it’s bad and everyone should get off– I know people can do really good things there. I’m also not aware of other people’s lives like I used to be. But I’m okay, and I think they are too. If the Spirit tells me to get back on, I will. Maybe it will be an important ministering tool in my future. But for now, I’m happy living my life with just Spencer knowing what I had for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen”

  1. As long as you keep using your blog to apprise this person who loves you of some important thoughts in your mind and heart . . .

    1. Thanks, Saug! And maybe I’ll hop on the medias every once in a while… I do have an AMAZING photo of you and Teresa and Sis Chris and Sis. Williams and Anny that I’ll be sure to get to you.

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