First Place Loser

When I was in 4th grade, I got 2nd place at the Provo City track meet in the 200 yard dash. After catching my breath, I walked over to my dad, and exclaimed, “If it weren’t for the girl in front of me, I would’ve won!”

Ain’t that the truth.

But I had a similar experience this week– I was one of two applicants who made it to the 2nd interview, after the other 73 applicants were eliminated. I guess it was an honor to have made it that far, but I’m now in the exact same position as al the others who didn’t even get a second interview.


Have you ever thought about what it must feel like to make it to the super bowl, and then lose? Or go all the way to the Olympics, and then not get gold? Or become the Republican candidate, and then lose? In some ways, I feel there is more pain in 2nd place.


For me, the further along I go, the most emotionally invested and thus vulnerable I become. When you make it ALMOST as far as the winner, and then don’t win, it bites.


Lest you think I’m super depressed about this, I’m fine. I’m excited for my future. But I think there’s a group of 2nd placers out there who could really use some compassion.

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