I know He lives!

I had the opportunity to do the Primary singing time today. Dream calling? Possibly. Apparently they write a new Primary song each year for the primary program, so now they have several totally amazing songs that we never got to sing. One of them is “I Know That My Savior Loves Me”, and I feel the Spirit each time I hear it, so of course I had them all warm up with it. The chorus shouts my personal testimony in such a beautifully perfect way. I know that my Savior loves me!

Then Sings My Soul

Music has always been a language of the Spirit for me. When I think of the times I’ve felt the Spirit the most, music is almost always involved.

The hymns speak to me as few other things can. One of the greatest experiences of my life so far was singing in the General Young Women broadcast. The songs we sang– I Stand All Amazed, I Am a Child of God, If the Savior Stood Beside Me, (THIS IS US!!!!!!!) and As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days (US AGAIN! I’m in this!), remain some of the most inspiring, spiritually uplifting, powerful parts of the building and strengthening of my testimony. The words to those and other hymns and Primary songs have come to my mind many times when I have needed them, and have touched, guided, comforted, and inspired me in ways nothing else could.

Music also really brings people together. Some of my happiest memories are when I’ve been making music. MOAG (sooo many memories there), playing duets with Lucy, singing with Kristen, A Capella, Madrigals, other school choirs, singing with the Young Women, (remember that time at camp when we sang for like 3 hours? Or Singing Trees? Or singing at our Young Womanhood recognition? haha) jazz band, playing with Joe, jamming with Sophie, playing with Lauren… Actually, happy or not, music is involved in many of my most memorable experiences. Solo and ensemble, certain track workouts, hours and hours and hours of practicing and lessons and master classes… And now some of my best college memories so far involve music! Each of my music teachers has been immensely influential in my life, and I’m amazed at how many lives we can touch through this universal language.

I think we all have music in ours hearts, which is why it speaks to everyone. That’s why there is so much out there, and that’s why we can feel it in so many ways. The soundtrack of each of our lives, which we are all composing together, showcases every genre, adding relatability to a new audience with each new scene. It is sometimes a full orchestra, sometimes a small a cappella group, sometimes a duet, and sometimes featuring a soloist. But it’s always under the direction of the great virtuoso master Conductor. Sometimes it gets out of tune, and the rhythms can sometimes get muddy, but our Conductor never misses a beat, and we can always catch Him if we listen. It’s during those times that He’s trying to make eye contact with us and help us find the right measure. It’s hard not to rush through some passages, and sometimes it feels like the song is dragging so much it’s never going to end! But the exciting thing is, with every new experience we have, a new flavor is added to the score and the music becomes richer. I’m excited to hear mine played back to me someday, and see what riffs I borrowed, and see if any of my themes were shared. All I know is that the times I’m following the Conductor the closest will be the best parts.

Wow. That metaphor sort of just took off. 🙂 This is a list of some of the most beautiful songs in the world. I decided on this genre for now because that’s what fits my mood. Tomorrow morning I’ll probably be feeling a more “get up and go conquer Monday morning!”, which involves Chariots of Fire. I hope my soundtrack has something like that in it. There are way way WAAAAY more beautiful songs out there, and they’re beautiful in so many other ways. But these are 10 that I especially love, in no particular order, and with no particularly fine youtube videos. Just good songs.

1. Into the West
2. In Dreams (Lord of the Rings)
3. Gabriel’s Oboe
4. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, 18th variation
5. All of the Rigoletto soundtrack
6. Theme from Rachmaninov’s 2nd concerto
7. Nessun Dorma
8. Pie Jesu
9. Remember When it Rained, Josh Groban
10. The Night it Had to End