Winter 2012 Quotes

“I don’t know music.” -Lauryn
“Wait, Mozart was Classical, right?” Lauryn

“Did you know this was filmed in Hungaria?” -Madison

“Amber, I just spilled chocolate on my skirt. I know that’s what you’d do if you were here.”-Sophie

“Our ward is so handsome! I’m really glad I teach Sunday School so I can look out and say, “you’re hott. you’re hott. you’re hott.’ “

“Is 1000 meters a mile?” -Madison

“Sometimes I just want to make Heavenly Father a plate of cookies. …” -Janelle

“That’s so Europe-esque.”-Madison

“Les Miserables changed my life. Well,the music was absolutely fantastic.” “The musical that changed my life was Wicked.” “The musical that changed my life was Sweeny Todd.” -Suan, Amber, Dan

“Have you ever just been sitting in your room, alone, not knowing what to do, and you just think, ‘I wonder how to blow up a dumpster.’ ?” -Shaun

“I wish my life was in sepia, because I look beautiful in sepia.” -Sarah Tovey

“Just go buy a smart phone.” “I’m too poor.” “Well, just have your parents buy you a smart phone!” “They’re too poor too. We’re all poor!” “Well, ask your grandma to buy you one. Oh wait, she’s dead.” “My grandma’s not dead!” -Amber and Madison

“We all agree that music is among the most delightful and pleasant things, whether instrumental or accompanied by singing, so one might from that fact alone infer that the young should be taught it…” ~Aristotle

“Listening to begining violin students is like getting a lobotomy.” -Katie K

“Dell. It never says in the Humpty Dumpty rhyme that he was an egg.” “I know! For all we know, he could have been a violin!”

“I’m just really hoping that no one else was thinking of asking me [to Winter Ball] because I would hate to have to tell him no. That would stink for the guy.” -Sarah C

“Who should we invite?” “Do we have any other friends? [besides Amber and Madison]” “No, I don’t think so.” -Lauryn and Amber

“I put Nathan in the friend zone right when I met him. But he took himself right out of it.” -Lauryn

“I don’t see the potential for either of us to be heartbroken anytime in the near future.” “I just want to have this playlist to I can give it to other people.” “I wasn’t aware we knew any other people.” -Madison and Amber

“Peanut butter and pie. That’s like you and Tessie in one human!” -Madison

“Red hair can get you places. It was the bane of my life when I was a kid, but as I got older, I found that people really respect those of us with red hair. You’d be surprised.” -Dr. D

“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the crop.” “Um, those aren’t the words.” -Lauryn

“Ian, don’t do anything you would do.” “Are you kidding? It’s Amber! She would kill me!” -Shaun and Ian

“How old is your husband?” “27.” “How old are you?” “I’m 24.” “Oh, so it’s not that big of an age difference.” “3 years. But you can totally tell the difference. He’s so mature, and I’m just this insignificant little girl.” -Hilary and Amber

“There’s going to be food there! Doesn’t that make you wish you could go?” “Well, I’m over food.” “WHAT? Food is what drives my life!” “I’m just done letting food drive me.” -A and Matthew

“If I looked at buff as I am, I would be ripped.” -Dan

“My uncle is the type that isn’t happy until someone’s crying. And he always tried to get kicked out of our family reunions.” -Clayton

“You should crash Cassie’s bachelorette party and spike the punch with Kava.” -Dan

“Oh man. I haven’t talked to [President Hinckley] in forever!” -Madison

“Make sure I like this [on facebook].” -Lauryn

“I don’t care if I bother people. I just care if they bother me. Which usually isn’t an issue because I just move as far away from them as possible.” -Madison

“Go for it, Jonah!” “Um, she’s a black belt.” -A & J

“OH! I was trying to figure out why LMN was familiar. It’s because it’s the alphabet!” -Madison

“Peeps are just diabetes in bird form.”

“You look like someone from a horror movie.” -Hilary to Amber C.

“Can you give me an example of a low pitch in your daily life?” “Darth Vadar.” -Mariko and Eve (piano pedagogy; Eve is 9)

“Lug, you taught me what a pet peeve is. You also taught me some swear words.” -A

“You’re not all bananas. You’re all fruits. Some of you are peaches, some of you are plums. Some of you are mangoes. And some of you are nuts.” -DB

“Chromatic trichord? That’s Satan’s theme!” -DB

“It feels so good when it’s right.” “I feel like that’s a song.” “It is, but it’s probably not talking about a kazoo.”

“The Second Viennese School loves the chromatic trichord.” “Did you go to that school?” -A and DB [the second viennese school is not a school. This was an extremely stupid question.]

“Oh my goodness! That’s OMG, right?” -Dr. B.

“You think Mozart makes babies smarter?” “That’s what my parents say.” “You throw this right back in their face: Zelda makes babies smarter.”

“If you see a person with a nose ring, you know they’re evil.”

“We are all walking-talking, ticking-tocking polyrythms.”

“A 12-tone matrix is really child’s play.”

“What do you call your mother-in law? Do you call her mom?” “No, I call her Louise.” “Oh, you’re one of those people?” “Her name is Mary. And sometimes I call her Gunther.” -A and DB

“Guys in tuxes just make me shiver. It’s not possible to not look nice in a suite.” -Suzy

“Do you have a question?” “No.” “Well, let me know if I can help, because I’d really like to help, as you’re doing your course evaluations.” “Now throw in a spiritual connection.” “You’re all going to Hell.” -BM

“I don’t like Ms. When I teach, I’m gonna be Miss Blair.” “But when you get married, you’ll be Mrs. Blair. Actually, you’ll never be Mrs. Blair. You’ll have to be Mrs. Blair-Schlniklefritz. You can hyphenate that.” A and DB

“I’ve never met a Matthew I didn’t like.” -Aria

“You look nice, Brooke!” “I didn’t try.”

“You have a very adorable sneeze.” “Does anyone have tissues?” “I have an umbrella.” -DB, Amber C., Hilary

“As you can see, Milton Babbitt is quite old.” “He wasn’t always that way.” -DB and Aria

“You don’t have an oven? So you can’t make enchiladas or anything like that!” -girl in ed class

“You could do it like my wife and me and never date. We met at Institute.” -Dr. B.

“Think about David slaying the Philistines. When you play Liszt, you have to take off your toupee.” -Bro. McCarrey

“Don’t do anything rash like quite this class or punch your mother-in-law.” -DB

“I’m down with cheese and crackers.” “Your feet are down with cheese and crackers.” -Aria and DB

“Jonah. Oh ye of little Putlocker knowledge.” -Madison

“Guys, my left hippocampus is just a trooper.” -Amber

“If I had no morals, I would be a hippie.” -A

“How does Jonah get so much sleep? I mean, he’s not a cat or a baby or an old person, so I don’t know how he does it!.” -M

“This may sound odd, but I really like my teeth. Some of my worst nightmares have been about my teeth falling out!.” -M

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