Two Years!

I have an exciting announcement to make: it has been exactly two years (730 days) since my brain surgery, and I haven’t had a seizure since then. This is the longest I’ve gone without having a seizure in my entire life, so it’s kind of a huge deal for me.

Primary Children’s Hospital. This is the place where the miracles happen, mine specifically, along with SO MANY others. I can say with complete confidence that I could not have gone to a better hospital, or had better surgeons or doctors or nurses.

There are angels in this building, ranging in age from newborns to however old the oldest worker is, and including both living and dead. I think I’d like to spend some time over there after I die, as odd as that sounds. I absolutely know I was watched over during my surgery. I don’t really know how that whole deal works, but if it’s possible, I’m doing it.

Prayers are answered. The priesthood is real. Heavenly Father loves His children.

3 thoughts on “Two Years!”

  1. This is one of those moments when the most appropriate response is “Hallelujah!” You’re a trooper, Miss Ambie.

  2. I was thinking about you and your surgery this last week. I am so grateful for you and how well things went! Congratulations on this two year anniversary!!!

  3. This is so awesome!!! May the figurative shards of glass never return to pain your eyes. And by that I mean I’m so proud of you for optimistically surmounting this intense experience.

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