#thirdgradequotes FINAL INSTALLMENT

This is the last time you’ll have the joy of reading #thirdgradequotes, because next year I’ll begin teaching 6th grade! So for a little Summer special, I bring you a final batch of #thirdgradequotes.

3rd grade girl: I hate Justin Beaver.

3rd grade boy: Just wait until I go through puberty. Then I can make my own Chewbacca costume.

Me: You guys aren’t going to start dating until you turn 16, right?
3 girls in unison: My mom says I can’t date until I’m 25.

Mom: Good thing he knew Xenophilius, right?
Me: Mama, I assure you there wouldn’t have been a second date if he hadn’t known Xenophilius.

Me: Wait, what are those men doing here? (in the Celestial room)
Fellow temple worker: I have no idea. We’re in charge here!

Rachel: Everything fried is infinitely better.

Me (playing a guessing game with 3rd grader): this is usually found in people’s pockets.
3rd grade girl: An eraser!!
Me: Nope.
3rd grade girl: This isn’t going as well as I thought.