It’s time for another episode of #thirdgradequotes! Other funny quotes are included.

Primary kid: Carbonated water is water with carbs in it.

Me: What’s your favorite color?
5 y.o.: Plaid
Me: What’s your favorite song?
5 y.o.: “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.
Me: Tell me about your grandma.
5 y.o.: I’m not telling you anything about her![pause] Okay. She gives me $20 every year.
Me: What’s your favorite Disney movie?
5 y.o.: I’m so over those little kid Disney movies.

Me: How big do you think the sun is?
3rd grade boy: No se, Senora.
Me: Senorita. No soy casada.
3rd grade girl: Aww pobrecita.

3rd grade girl: The cheetah-print bathrobe is my mom’s. Don’t judge her.

3rd grade boy: I hate it when children aren’t responsible!

3rd grade boy: [upon seeing me reading a book during recess] Wait, grownups actually read?
Me: Absolutely! Reading is one of my all-time favorite things to do!
3rd grade boy: Oh. I’ve never seen one read before. #certaindeathofhighsociety

3rd grade girl: In case you don’t know, a crazy cat lady is a lady who has tons of cats and lives by herself and never gets married because she loves her cats too much.

Me: Okay, so the rest of this will be your homework.
Primary kid: Yeah!!! This class is the best! We get homework!!

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