The Deterioration of High Society

Okay friends. I went to the Utah Symphony yesterday, and it was mostly delightful, but a few pretty serious things went down, and I just really need to vent here.


I feel like I’m generally a reasonably kind, compassionate person. But when I get in a concert hall, I become an entirely different creature, and every little audiencal error (yes, I did just invent that term) deeply offends me.


For example, I don’t normally glare at people, but if your phone goes off during a concert, you better believe I will throw more shade than you’ve ever felt.

Other immensely obnoxious/ disrespectful actions:
1. Opening a cough drop during a performance. #agony
2. Talking. Even whispering.
3. CLAPPING BETWEEN MOVEMENTS. Have you no respect??? Stop being an idiot.
4. Compulsive standing ovations. Come on, people.
5. Texting. #rude
6. Humming along with the music.
7. PDA. Get a life.
8. Cheering/ shouting. Leave the whoops in the stadium.

If we’re going to last as a respectable society (my bad, too late.) we need to get ahold of ourselves in the concert hall. I’m doing my best to educate my 3rd graders on proper concert etiquette, but it only takes one clap to generate a rowdy raucous of uneducated morons. Let’s be the change.

3 thoughts on “The Deterioration of High Society”

  1. #1–I never knew it could take the better part of all of Beethoven’s Fifth to open the thing. JUST RIP IT OFF LIKE A BANDAID, IT’S LESS PAINFUL FOR EVERYONE.

  2. And when you’re with someone who does one of those things, it’s like, “well, I guess we won’t be seeing each other again.”

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