Take a Break

Happy UEA! Utah public schools are currently on break, which means I’ve had ample time to Netflix and chill the last few days.

Contrary to the practices of pretty much every teacher I had from 1st to 12th grade, I decided to not give my students homework over the break. More than one student said, “Miss Blair, are you going to give us a packet?” indicating years of conditioning by previous teachers. But I just responded, “Heck no! Do you know how much work that would be for me?”

But in all seriousness, I really don’t think the culture of homework packets over breaks is appropriate. The purpose of a break is to take a break, not get more work! Being able to take a break is a skill that I think teachers should be teaching. I also don’t give homework over the weekend, because again I think the kids should have a break.

So maybe my kiddos will be behind the other classes that did tons of extra work over UEA. But I think my kiddos will be better rested, and more prepared to return to school and dive back in.