Summer Bucket List

Last week was the last week of school (!!!) and I had the opportunity to stay at school with the kids who didn’t qualify for the Lagoon trip.


Amongst other delightful activities, I introduced them to the concept of bucket lists, and we made summer bucket lists together. #genius

Now I bring you Miss Blair’s 2016 Summer Bucket List:

1. Go to the cabin
2. Have an epic HP party on July 31
3. Finish watching Chuck
4. Go to the Manti temple
5. Attend the Weidmans’ homecoming
6. Go to Elvis and Cynthia’s sealing
7. Hike Timp
8. See a play
9. Get a job
10. Have a fabulous duet recital with all my students
11. Participate in a refugee English camp in Spokane
12. Go to Girls Camp

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