Relaxation to the Max

Tragically this wonderful break has drawn to a close. 🙁 This has possibly been the most relaxing break of my life, and I guess that’s kind of ironic, considering I spent the last 5 years living in two major vacation destinations.

My dear friend Seeley and I gave each other those new adult coloring books that seem to be all the rage. Then I went and got myself a kidney stone (sorry if that’s TMI) a few days after Christmas, so I was mostly bed-ridden for a few days. I decided to color and listen to HP 6 and 7 on the couch. #joy #childhood #bestmedicine

Two thoughts:
1. There’s a reason these coloring books are so popular– they’re super cathartic.
2. Jim Dale is the MAN. Seriously, he’s amazing.

Here are some of the pictures I made:



first drawing

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