My Best Week So Far

This is long. So brace yourselves for 3 minutes (or 5 for good measure) of reading about a total gem of a week. It should leave you inspired. Thanks in advance if you make it to the end.

Without a doubt, this has been my best week so far. I take it back. These past two weeks have been the best weeks so far. I take it back. This last month has been the best month so far. I take it back, this last year has been the best year so far. I take it back, this past mortal existence has been the best one so far. I could not be more blessed! But really, I have had a spectacular week.

We’ll start with last Saturday. Last Saturday I got to volunteer at the temple Open House, and it was just awesome. I think I got the very best job you could get– I greeted all the guests at the entrance to the main tent where they watch the temple movie and then leave separately for the tour. So I got to talk to everyone that came that night! I asked them how they were, gave them temple brochures, and wished them a happy tour. We had a total of 43,000 guests over these weeks of the Open House. I also had a good 7 mile run that day, ending at Sunset beach, which is a personal favorite. The run felt so good!

On Sunday my visiting teachers invited us over for a delicious brunch before church. They live in Hale 1, which means they have their own kitchen and cook fro themselves every day. So we had non-caf food, which is great not matter what it is. But they’re both from the Philippines, automatically making the food fantastic.

Monday was ordinary, but still by best day so far up to that point.

I have New Testament on Tuesdays, and the highlight of the day was my reading before class. We’re in Ephesians right now, and I just look forward to the time when I do my homework for that class. Each reading I do I am amazed. I have found myself everyday saying, “That is the most excellent passage of scripture I’ve ever read!” I feel so privileged to be reading the New Testament.

On Wednesday I had a fantastic voice lesson. I’m really improving on the technique we’ve been working on all semester, and I did it really well at my lesson. But better than that, Sister Mooy (my teacher) told me that she and Brother Belnap (the other voice teacher) dated in college. That just made my day.

Thursday. Two words: Harry Potter. I have been looking forward to that day for an extreme amount of time, and it finally arrived! We went to the midnight show in Kaneohe, which is about an hour bus ride from Laie. But the best part os that I really enjoyed the movie. It’s so satisfying to go to a good movie, and I thought this one was great. (I did cry when Dobby died.)

On Friday, my friend Hon Xu got baptized! She’s been attending church for two years now, because she had a calling as the ward pianist, and then she finally decided to get baptized. I am so happy for her! The baptism was really nice. Convert baptisms are super exciting to me, especially when I know the person. And THEN, as though a baptism wasn’t enough, I went down to the PCC to buy tickets for the Night Show, and what should I see but a huge line-up of people, all waiting to see the prophet walk into the PCC. I was there when he came in! Then my friend Jenna offered me one of the Ambassador luau tickets she won from Haunted Lagoon. So we got to eat in the fanciest part of the PCC, with very very delicious, high-quality food, and with the prophet! he was in a closed off room, but when he came out, I was like a foot away from him, and he made eye contact with me. Definitely a high light of my entire life. He carries the Spirit with him. Then Night Show was of course fantastic, and President Monson was there in an aloha shirt. šŸ™‚

The big event of Saturday was that I finally, with minimal breakdowns and much blood, sweat, and tears, finished my #*!!@%!* Term Paper!!! All 12 pages of that research paper house a portion of my soul, not unlike a horcrux. I also went to the beach that morning, which was just peachy, and I went to the cultural celebration for the temple. It was awesome! I went to bed at 5:30 in the morning, but it was worth it because I finished the paper.

And now today. Today. This is a day I have been looking forward to since January. Today our beautiful Laie temple was rededicated. So much has been put into preparing this, and it’s finally here! The rededication was amazing, and I’ve realized what a blessing it is to live here. President Eyering said that our temple is “one of the most beautiful temples in the whole world”, and “perhaps the most beautiful setting in all the world.” This is Paradise, and I live here.

Could I be more blessed? I submit that I cannot. Today is my best day so far, and this has absolutely been my best week so far!

*I apologize if this is a little long. I just wanted to publish an example of the best week anyone could ever have.

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  1. ARE! You would. Would that I were as optimistic as you are. you’re an inspiration to all of us mate. Thanks for that beautiful post and I’m glad that you’re doing well!!

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