Musings on an Incredible Woman


If I could choose one word to describe my Grandma Hall, it would be loving. The woman never stops serving, despite a barricade of obstacles standing in her way. Alzheimers has taken a good portion of her memories, as well as her most of her ability to remember. But despite those challenges, she remains one of the most Christlike people I know.

When I’m at her house, she literally never stops asking if she can get me anything, or bringing me candy or water, or offering other things to ensure my comfort. She is always doing something nice, be it ironing Grandpa’s clothes, or making food, or any other need she observes.

She doesn’t remember that she was the stake Relief Society president for years, but she remembers that she loves the Lord, Grandpa, and all her kids and grandkids.

She took care of me while my mom was doing her student teaching, and I’m sure those were some of the funnest days of my life. I miss the energetic, clever grandma that I grew up with, but I look forward to seeing it again one day. I’m grateful her loving core has remained. I love my Grandma Hall, and I honor her this Mother’s Day.