May Book: Quiet


Upon Lucy’s and Kristen’s recommendations, I started this book like five years ago. For some reason I never finished it, so this month I decided to get ‘er done. I’m glad I did it.

I feel like my experience with this book was vastly different from Kristen’s and Lucy’s because they are both introverted, and I happen to be very extroverted. Coming from that different perspective, I can offer my take on the book– I felt like in Susan Cain’s efforts to expose some less-celebrated virtues of introverts, she sometimes made me (an extrovert) feel like a bad person. But that aside, I gained several insights on myself, my loved ones, and past and future students.

1. This world needs BOTH introverts and extroverts
2. A good talker is not necessarily a good thinker
3. Introverted students needs to be accommodated for
4. Listening is key
5. We should try to get everyone in their “sweet spot” (#classroomgoals)

2 thoughts on “May Book: Quiet”

  1. Yay!! So glad you read it and enjoyed it 🙂
    Introverts unite! Separately…in our own homes…

  2. Oh man. Why did you feel like a bad person? Tbh I don’t remember the book at all, but I think it was interesting at the time.

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