I’ve recently been thinking about what joy is. I listened to a pod cast the other day about what kinds of things make us happy, and it’s been on my mind since. I asked a friend who has left the Church what brings him joy, and he told me he didn’t believe in joy. I honestly had no response for that. A life without joy?! So I’ve decided to bring you a collection of what brings me joy.

1. Really good, long, meaningful conversations.
2. High quality food.
3. Being in the depths of nature, specifically Rock Canyon or Hukilau Beach.
4. Doing a puzzle while listening to HP.
5. Playing duets with Lug.
6. When people agree with me. #Leen
7. Beautiful music.
8. Helping people understand stuff I’m passionate about. (i.e. the Gospel, grammar, etc.)
9. Effective scripture study. (This is a continual struggle for me.)
10. Puns.

I for one believe in joy. I believe our purpose here is to have joy, and I also believe joy is impossible without deep sorrow and suffering. The most joyful experiences of my mission came out of the most difficult trials. The deepest joy I had with my students last semester came from struggles they had. Joy is possible for all of us because of the Savior.

Therefore, I’d like to conclude by saying He was born so I can have joy. Not all the time, but on occasion.