I Want to be McGonagall When I Grow Up

In honor of Harry’s today, I wore my new Gryffindor skirt. In honor of Neville’s birthday yesterday, we watched the first six HP films and ate delicious HP food. In honor of growing up with these amazing stories, I am passing on the magic to my students by striving every day to be as much like Minerva Mcgonagall as muggley possible.

Let me explain why she is my hero.

1. She’s patient.

2. She’s super invested in the success of her house/ students.

3. She has high expectations.

4. She’s straight up and honest all the time.

5. She has a huge heart, and it’s in the right place.

6. She cares about the students individually.

7. She’s an expert classroom manager.

8. She takes pride in her students.

9. She’s tastefully sarcastic.

10. She’s pretty much the definition of BA.

I am so grateful for a role model like Minerva McGonagall to inspire me. I will do my best to follow her example every day!

2 thoughts on “I Want to be McGonagall When I Grow Up”

  1. That is such an awesome, ba if you will, resolution! I didn’t even realize that you felt this way about her.

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