7 thoughts on “I Gave Blood!”

  1. hahahahahahahahahah! You have saved many insect lives, but in some ways it would be for the greater good to have let them die–or even actively killed them.

  2. I do have many an insect death to my name. Violence-wise my hands are not the cleanest. But despite my 42 bites and my… okay forget it.

  3. Are. I litch read the title and saw the first picture and said “YOU WHAT?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!” Then I saw the second picture and thought “What went wrong…? I thought I had it bad…Why did giving blood effect her legs like that?” hahaha very funny…

  4. Amber – Tangled! I adore that movie and appreciate the reference.

    Lucy – Not to worry, I was thinking the exact same things. I didn’t know what on earth was going on till I saw the comments. Then it all came together. 🙂

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