Aloha! I hope you’re having a good weekend! My weekend has been AWESOME, and I attribute it to the start of my new goal: go on an island adventure once a week. For this week’s adventure, I went with some friends yesterday to a hike called Dead Man’s Cat Walk. #hilife (Get the hashtag? HI is our postal code, but we’re also living the high life.)

After the hike, my good friend Alyssa invited me to run to the food trucks in Kahuku with her, so we ran to a legit MEXICAN food truck! We ordered our food in Spanish and felt like we were back on our missions. Then we went to a nearby frozen yogurt food truck. #divine #hilife


I set this goal because I LIVE IN HAWAII, and I don’t even go to the beach that much! You know Pres. Uchtdorf’s story about that man who went on a cruise, and spent the whole time in his room eating canned beans, because he didn’t realize everything had already been paid for with his ticket? I’m not a huge fan of that Mormon Message, because it’s so frustrating, but I think it teaches an important lesson on using the blessings made available to us. For me, that means taking advantage of this beautiful island and adventuring!

Are you utilizing all the resources our Heavenly Father has given you? I invite you to ponder that. Watch the Mormon Message if you like.

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  1. Lind I am a HUGE fan of this goal! That’s so cool! Also what is happening in that catwalk picture? It looks like you’re under water!

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