Elder Lau


How are you? I couldn’t wait to write a letter to you today, which is a P-day. Life in MTC is pretty good. I already could feel God’s power the second day in MTC. Well, another thing is, I have got many friends now. They were really nice and funny, especially a missionary called Elder Vea, who is from Tonga. Just now we were tackling each other and he held me upside down becuase I was too small compared to him.

My companion is called Elder Hodson. He is from BYUH too. His frist name is Alex. I don’t know if you know him. He is smart and nice. But sometimes he is kind of cool to me. He doesnt’ talk as much as he does to his other friends.

I read the scripture you gave me whcih was awesome. In case you forgot what scripture you gave me, it was Alma 26. That was a really good missionary attitude. I like the part where it said how much power the God has. God has so much power that can overcome our weaknesses. Amber, I think you are going to love your mission too, I promise.

Well, I miss you and I am waiting for your letter. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment you gave me on the last letter. πŸ™‚ And you should know that you are awesome too, and you are really nice to people. Thanks for picking me up from the airport and the awesome tour in the Temple Square. Tell me all the fun things you did recently. And I love you! I love all you guys. (it’s hard for my culture to say I love you, but I think I have to learn to say it.) Keep in touch!