Divorce/ Complete Scattering

My family is splitting up. By order of the First Presidency.

Well, my biological parents aren’t getting a divorce. (Thank heaven.) But my family in Hawaii– my beloved 11th ward– is being ripped apart and scattered to the 4 corners of the island. The church is structured so beautifully, and of course the concept of wards is divinely inspired, so it’s really lovely the way wards really do function as families.

And then sometimes other people intervene and make the family change their name, and leave each other. That’s contrary to Heavenly Father’s plan!

But I know the church leaders are working under the direction of the Lord, so we just have to accept it,  but it’s so hard! Today was the last Sunday in my ward, and it just hurt. We have the best bishopric of all time! And the kids are all really stellar as well. The new ward boundaries are way different, and like I said, they’re changing the name. The BYUH 11th ward is become the Laie YSA 16th ward. Sick.

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