Cool: noun, Spencer Ryan Hall

My Uncle Spencer is probably the coolest person I know. I shall try to explain.

I really don’t even know where to start. Most recently, he is both my computer tech support man, and my writing tutor. Pretty much, I think he knows everything there is to know about everything, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I can’t think of a time he hasn’t been able to answer a question or advise me or help me with anything. He makes me feel like I’m important and that he always has time for me. I’m sure there’s a billion other things he could be doing, but whenever I call, he always has everything right and helpful to say. I might respect his opinion more that anyone else in the world. (Plus my parents.)

He’s also a sports writer for ESPN, which is automatically cool. And he plays the ukelele. And he’s a super good soccer player. And he’s extremely artistic/ computer savvy, which means that he can totally do graphic design of all sorts. And he’s got style in all senses of the word.

Oh, and he used to be the Priest Advisor or something like that, and he did everything for those boys. You know how the young men go on like a campout every week or something? He was there. And he took the boys individually to lunch and made them feel important. He brought one of them over to our house a couple of times, and we also saw him at Grandma and Grandpa’s sometimes. I’m sure that kid will remember those times for the rest of his life. Spencer probably helped some kids in ways that no one will ever know. You never do know with 16 year old boys. But I know their young men leaders are a huge deal, and Spence was definitely the best they could ever have.

He also has really great stories to tell, like about his mission and the time he went to the Dominican Republic and other times. I admit he went to Provo High, but I forgive him. 🙂 Back not to long ago when I was stressed beyond reason about college apps and my essays and the ACT and stuff, he helped me study like crazy. Who takes time out to help their adextrodippocampul niece study for the ACT? My Uncle Spencer does! (He got a 34, by the way.)

I’m so grateful for his example. I say he’s the definition of cool because he is. If there was an ad for what cool means, he’d be there in his cool-looking clothes and his iphone and wise words and everything else, and people would see him and say, “He is so cool!” And then they’d start talking to him about sports and philosophy and the gospel and really anything else, and they’d leave, and later recall that meeting as an out-of-body experience because they were so interested and enlightened. Yep, that’s my uncle.

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  1. Amb, this is so true. Who else would give his computer to his niece and then help her learn how to take care of it? Who else would go with her to check out her future college campus? Who else would dress up in a gorilla suit to chauffeur her and her friends to a school costume dance? Or talk about important things, having really insightful ideas, but still truly listening to try to understand what you think?

  2. Holy cow. I second every word of this post. Spence is one of the people I look up to more that anyone. He always knows how to brighten a situation, or make anything happier/more fun. I am proud to be a blood relative of such a great guy.

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