Well folks, I recently (yesterday) experienced the most anti-climactic moment of my life. Allow me to illustrate:

I started the grueling process of the mission papers a few months ago, and finally completed and submitted them. They were subsequently received by the church mission office, and shipped off from Salt Lake City shortly thereafter (Sept. 28). That is fact.

As it happens, another girl in my ward went through the same thing– she submitted her papers, but they were in Salt Lake for six weeks. They finally got shipped to Hawaii the same day as mine, which means that they would obviously arrive on the same day.

Friday came, a week after the day those precious documents left the Mainland, and the call was sure to come. Tiffany texted me in the morning when I was studying in the library, and told me she had her call. I had my call!!! My call was in my mailbox!!! I immediately texted several friends and family members with the happy news, and then proceeded to tell almost everyone I came in contact with.

 I could hardly focus for the rest of the day, and could NOT WAIT to walk home and see the envelope I’d been expecting literally my entire life. The anticipation almost killed me. I got to my house, excitedly opened the mailbox, and…


It wasn’t there! I checked again and again, hoping by some miracle it would appear, but it didn’t. I asked a few of the missionaries that live by me, and I even looked inside my fridge to see if my roommate had possibly been possessed enough to play a twisted trick like that on me.


So that happened. I have never felt so let-down and disappointed in my life. This even surpasses my feelings after seeing Harry Potter 7 part 2. And that is saying something.

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  1. Sorry Ambie! This is a cruel twist of delayed gratification. Monday?!!!! Let’s hope — ‘cuz I can’t hold my breath much longer without passing out.

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