Adextrohippocampul Cranium= I really don’t have part of my right brain!

So we know I don’t have a right hippocampus, but there have only been a few instances in which that has made itself manifest. (One is trying to visualize my daddy’s plans for the addition of our house.)

But I did this test, and it is extremely difficult for me to say the color instead of the word! Crazy! I takes almost 3 seconds for my pituitary gland to send the message to my auditory nerve!

This occasional manifestation is very interesting, as well as intriguing. I really don’t have a section of my brain! (In other words, I really do have an adextrohippocampul cranium.)

Which is easier for you?

4 thoughts on “Adextrohippocampul Cranium= I really don’t have part of my right brain!”

  1. Yeah this almost killed my brain. It took you almost an entire second, but it quite literally took me like 3 seconds on some of them. I really struggled with the “purple” that was red one…haha crazy! look how strong your brain already is and how fast it is at making up for lost parts!!!

  2. After much frustration with this over the years, I found relief by learning how to look only at the color and not the word. It is hard still, but it can be learned! 🙂

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