A Typical Conversation at BYU Hawaii

So I just got this idea to post a typical conversation at BYU Hawaii. And this is a one-sided conversation because I thought that would be a lot easier. If anyone likes it enough, they could consider doing the same thing on their own blog.

1. Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you before. I mean, I see you everyday (along with everyone else), but I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. In other words, what’s your name?
2. Sorry, say that again?
3. Oh wow. Um, could you spell that for me?
4. That’s such a nice name! I’m Amber
5. So, where are you from?
6. Dang, that’s really cool! So what brought you here?
7. No way! When did you join the church?
8. Alright! That’s fantastic!
9. So, what’s your major?
10. Accounting? I guess that means you’re really smart, yeah?/ ICS? That’s great! This is the perfect place for you to be!
11. Well, it was really nice to meet you! I’m sure I’ll see you around every day from now on, and I’ll certainly smile and say hi.

4 thoughts on “A Typical Conversation at BYU Hawaii”

  1. How original! Here’s mine:

    Me: Hey, what’s your name?
    Them: Bernard.
    Me: Hi Bernard. I’m Sophie.
    Them: Hi…Sophie.
    Me: How’s it going?
    Them: Good.
    *awkward silence that lasts for about five minutes as I rack my brains thinking of any possible thing to say that would stimulate some sort of conversation*
    Me: Um…
    Them: Well, Bye.

  2. That would be a typical conversation for you. I’m rather surprised though; I would imagine that by the time you were finished having a “get-to-know-you” conversation, you would know everything about the person, who they were dating, what they were struggling with, every class that they were taking and had plans to help them sort out their lives that very night.

  3. Haha I guess you’re kind of right… But it would take a few more minutes. This was just a passing-on-the-way-to-class sort of deal.

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